Mental Health Awareness

Hoping you create a better environment through mid to help the where in us

Helping create a better environment of peace, healing, restoration and reconciliation for you, your family, and your future through mental health awareness.

What is the Substance Movement?

What is the Substance Movement?

The Substance Corporation is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization that holds the intent to provide counseling, therapy, shelter, guidance, and mentorship to individuals, families, and adolescent located in Orlando, FL.

Renee Antionette and Substance Movement have partnered with individuals from various industries who have recognized the needs of families and individuals who are at the risk to social ills such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, divorce, unemployment, crime, disease, immoral conduct and any other chain of unfortunate events.

Renee Antionette realizes that social re-engineering is a necessary remedy if we intend to contribute to the betterment of our society. We are a Mental Health Awareness Organization that envisions a just and economically empowered society where everyone has access to a support system, healing, help, and direction.


The Substance Movement’s mission is to compel people to overcome chains of unfortunate events, grow from them and Gain a healthy mentality. The Substance Movement seeks to empower, bring mental health awareness, reconciliation, and restoration among families. Our hope is to  build honorable members through online media, small groups, conferences and Master Classes.

What does Substance Mean?


  • the actual matter of a thing, as opposed to the appearance or shadow; reality.

  • substantial or solid character or quality:

  • philosophy

     - something that is more than          an event.

     - the essential part of a thing;          essence.

     - a thing considered as a                  continuing whole


This definition brings us beyond groups that meet for coffee when it’s convenient, groups whose sole purpose is to assimilate new members into the church, or groups that learn a lot of good information. These groups take seriously practicing spiritual habits that form hearts and lives into being disciples of Jesus who live as his sent-ones. These groups are concerned with discovering how to be salt and light in the context in which God has placed them.

What Does It Mean to Be Apart of The Substance Movement?


Things that relate to our intimate connection with God 

  1. Communion involves the commitment of members to grow in relationship to God together.  

  2. It includes spiritual formation, Bible study, devotions, prayer, worship, spiritual disciplines. 

  3. It is being willing to hold one another accountable for spiritual disciplines.

  1. Relationships begin by welcoming all who come, getting to know each other, and remembering the stuff of their lives. 
  2. Relationships are built by praying, caring and supporting one another. 
  3. It’s the result of unlike people committing to love and serve each other and the world.

  1. Join together in God’s mission for you, your group and your church. 

  2. Engage the community by determining needs and asking how the group can meet them.

Inclusive Community

God’s work in uniting diverse people together in Christ


God’s invitation to participate in his redemptive work

When communion, inclusive community and mission are lived out in balance, transformation happens; disciples are formed. It’s where these three things come together that the Kingdom of God is experienced. Small Groups need to be places where this balance and harmony are found if they are to be places where disciples are formed who will join in God’s mission

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