Kentucky born and Nashville grown, Renee Antionette has turned her pain into ministry and warfare. She is one of the nation’s most anointed, promising, on the scene leaders in this millennial era. She is educated and trained to discuss and dismantle the strongholds of the mind. Renee has traveled up and down the east coast and Canada sharing the good news in a relatable, uplifting and transparent way. 


“My greatest hope is that people are delivered, and changed forever when they have encountered God through me. When encountering the Shekinah all crooked things have no choice but to be made straight.”


Her passion project “Substance Movement” along with her education in Psychology has given her the momentum to address the causes close to her heart: the victim and the victimizer. Broken families and the broken. Why? Because she knows what it is like to be humiliated, broken, abused and homeless. There was a war in her mind and she lost everything. But the story does not end there— she bounced back and lives to tell the story. And because of her bravery and her vulnerability, more people find the courage to be resilient. Renee has been fearfully and wonderfully made to minister and inspire the thousands she encounters into a decision to change and push for greatness. She doesn’t just live… she lives on purpose effectively.


”Creating change for the better is the true substance of why I know I was created.”



You can find Renee on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and YouTube speaking with authority and delivering a rhema word. She is determined to fulfill God’s perfect plan for her life— and when you experience this gift on any platform, you will find the energy to do so too. 

“Compel them to come, instruct them to grow, and equip them to go.”

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Renee Antionette and Substance Movement